Frozen Grand Central

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

me and my friends always share of something interesting that we've found on the internet.
it's just yesterday that one of my friends gave me this YouTube link and i watched it.
once i watched it, i was stunning. it so cool! what a brilliant idea!

so there's a some kind of group that called them self "Improv Everywhere". founded by Charlie Todd in 2001. these people use to create scenes in public. what kind of scenes? a prank.

yes, a prank that make chaos or joy in public. the idea is to give something unusual happening in public to entertain people from their daily routine. the prank is not a bad prank. instead of made people upset, the prank made people feel hilarious.
One of the main goals of Improv Everywhere is to add excitement and happiness to otherwise dreary routines.

and the another best part is that they design some kind of prank and involve as many people they need to, to help the scene. these participants is called agents.

so far Improv Everywhere already held around 80 missions. and i wanna give you some higlights of the missions that i think it's brilliant.

so the first highlight is, the mission that called Frozen Grand Central.

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2 comment(s)

  1. lol! love it :)
    pengen deh jadi part of this crazy act ><"
    i wanna go crazy...

  2. wanna go crazy coz u're already 21?? ;p
    kan improv everywhere ini basisnya di Amrik, tas! buka aja webnya dan liat di LA ada ga...


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