Six Days of Luxury's Touch

Friday, March 06, 2009

finally, the LO's work is over.

i've been working for six days, shadowing the Arabian entrepreneur wherever he wants to go.
but those six days gave me some new experiences.
one of it is luxury.

with my formal suite which i wore it all the time for those six days, suddenly every people that i met always smile at me and greets me.

everyday around 8am i have to wait in the five stars hotel lobby.

after he ready, i took him to some places where he headed to by brand new Camry, include the professional driver.

waiting for his meeting, apparently he meets with some of important people in Indonesia, like Jakarta Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Minister of Commerce and Industry, and so on.

took him to the venue where the 5th World Islamic Economic Forum take place; Ritz Carlton Hotel. and for this, many things happens on me.

listening to the international forum that discussed about global economy.

first time dealing with Presidential high level securities.

and finally, first time to see the president with my own eyes!

when the Gala Dinner, all the guests already inside the ballroom. of course not accompanied by their LOs so we were waiting outside, along with the president's securities. when the president approaching, the securities made a human barrier to gave him a way. and the moment is come; the President along with Prime Minister of Malaysia, is passed by in front of us, maybe less than one meter from me. and watching the crowd and realize that a lot of us not his securities, he said,


without a conductor, spontaneuosly we answered together,

ahahahahahaha such a great moment! he greets us!

ah yes, the other luxury is, the LOs got a waiting room for those who wait their guests. and the waiting room is on Mulia Hotel, the five stars class hotel in Jakarta. but standard room i guess. but for me, it's my first time to stay in five stars hotel room. yeah you can call me lousy, but it's the way i am. haha!

but all those luxury, in a way can't make me happier than i was. it's just six days but in a way, i get sick of it. i don't know why. yeah i admitted that those luxury it's a such new experiences for me. but i don't enjoyed it. it's like,
"o yeah, formal suite, five stars hotel, high level securities, Gala Dinner, president, what?"

maybe those all are only material thing. which will not last until the end of time, isn't?
tell me, is there someone dine with president until they're getting old? do they always stay in the five stars hotel room all the time? are there someone who always accompanied by high level securities all the time?

those things makes them feel safe. those things makes them feel they got privileges. those things makes them feel like a high class people.

are those things makes them happy all the time?

and suddenly, i miss my three months of simplicity life in Taize....

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3 comment(s)

  1. haha.. keren abis lo mo :)
    ur life is so full of adventures and new experiences.. im so happy for you :)
    *and kinna jealous too :P

  2. skrinsyut poto lo yang lain mana?

  3. @tasia
    don't jealous on me, but jealous on my life...;p

    wah kalo poto2 yang lain ada di fb...di cek aja di album WIEFnya...hehe...


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