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Thursday, June 04, 2009

people in general called ME "timo".
people who know me very well, called me "mo".
people who don't know me very well, called me "tim".
and after that, i always ask them to call me just "mo".
people who don't know me, or suddenly forgot my name, called me "hey".
well sometimes they just smile or nod their head.

begin to WRITE on a blog on January 26th, 2006.
my first blog is Elmo's Street, which is an application from Friendster.
since the capacity is ran out, i move my blog into blogspot since January 26th, 2008.

basic needs of people to live is food, house, and clothes.
for me, is food, house, clothes, and MOVIES.

if sometimes accidentally you meet me walking alone in a mall or cinema, and i answer "i'm by myself" and "want to watch / just watched some movie" to answer your what-are-you-doing-and-with-who question, please BELIEVE it because what i've said it's totally true.

ALWAYS save the movie ticket in my wallet.
and after i get home, i put it into my movie-ticket-album.
and for now, it's already my second album.

always compare everything that i consider expensive with a movie TICKET price, such as,
"what?? 60.000 rupiahs for a single magazine?? it's worth a three movie tickets!!"
and bless them who called me a movie-freak.

i found out that i can't DISCUSS about movie with every people,
because of i rather choose Let The Right One In, while MTV Movie Awards 2009 announced Twilight as the Best Movie of the Year. !@#!$%#@$%!#@!!
that's why i write about movies that i've watched on cinema on Sobekan Tiket Bioskop (Indonesian only).

hear music is like breathing for me.
JAZZ is the one that i prefer.
but lately i begin to listening classical music, start with Aldo Ciccolini - Gymnopedies #1 (anyway, is it a classical?)

craving for BOOKS on my free time.
can spend for at least an hour in a book store.
or more than two hours in a book store with discount.

love to TRAVEL.
if i have enough money.
or if i get a free ticket.

love ELMO.
that's why my first blog named Elmo's Street and my second blog named Elmo's Avenue. (but lately i really want to change my blog's name into something more "adult" ;p)
don't ask how many Elmo's doll in my room because i will say i have three of them sitting nicely on my bed.

spending A LOT OF my time in front of my laptop.
and get a heavy-bad-mood when my laptop is broke down.

love VOLUNTEER works.
either in my church or in a film festival.
but Taize will be my first priority.

CAN'T make his hands stand still for a while because my hands always need to do or just hold on something.
that's one of the reasons why i bought Rubik's Cube.

people says that i'm always joyful.
but i say that i CHOOSE to be joyful.

rather be in SILENCE than talking.
except with my besties.

found my self to be DAYDREAMING a lot.
i think i have a great imagination.
and indeed have a wild thoughts about everything.

things TO DO before i die(not in particular order and always will be updated) :
- go back to Taize
- backpacking on Europe
- feel the air of the Old Trafford stadium
- get a job as a social worker in Europe
- spend the rest of my life in a countryside
- get a job as a social worker in Africa (updated on Aug 2nd, 2010)

found my self an introvert person, so it's difficult for me to SHARE about anything.
that's why i'm writing on this blog, just like my tagline on the banner.

love to THANKS anyone for anything they did for me.
include them who visiting my blog.
especially they who put a simple comment on my posts or on the shout box. ;p

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