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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

still remember of Improv Everywhere?

i'll give you a little refreshment about it from my last post about it (Frozen Grand Central).
there's a some kind of group that called them self "Improv Everywhere". founded by Charlie Todd in 2001. these people use to create scenes in public. what kind of scenes? a prank.

yes, a prank that make chaos or joy in public. the idea is to give something unusual happening in public to entertain people from their daily routine. the prank is not a bad prank. instead of made people upset, the prank made people feel hilarious.
One of the main goals of Improv Everywhere is to add excitement and happiness to otherwise dreary routines.

so, you're already seen the Frozen Grand Central, when 207 agents get freeze for five minutes at the same time in New York Grand Central Station.

and now what you will see is more noble for the people around it.

imagine how is your morning, in a such big city. it will be a rush morning that will not give you any chance to look around you. or maybe you will not pay a little attention to what happens around you.

but, someday in subway commute in New York City, people who use that service experienced a moment that i'm sure will enlighten up their morning on that time. and a smile is already enough to mood up their day.

it's Agent Rob who gave around 2000 high fives during the morning on subway commute in New York City. and it's very interesting to know the facts that every one high five he gave, around 4-5 people around it will smile.

and i hope for one video of this will make a number of my blog's readers will smile.

or get inspired.

so, watch the video!

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