Happy Bookday!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

there are two places that i like very much to stay as longer as i want to.
the first place is cinema or theater. the second place is a bookstore.

yeah, a bookstore is like a my-own-rendezvouz if i get bored or if there are no good movies on cinema ;p. and i spend like an hour just to enjoy what's new on new-released racks or which books that in a best-seller racks. or just adding some books into my wish-list.

especially a bookstore with a discount promo. hell yeah! i can spend around two hours and a half there and drowned my self into the books and be autism for a moment. haha!

just like what i did on Tuesday May 26th, 2009 in Gramedia Bookstore in Grand Indonesia. there's a 30% discount of ALL ITEMS (exclude electronics) for their grand opening. well, it's my second time to attend a grand opening of that bookstore in my town. on my first time, i lost my consciousness and bought 4 books at once! (which a rare number for me to buy some books). and today, i did the same, bought 4 books at once and planned to go back because there 2 more books that i want to but i didn't bring enough money. huhu!

and i'm so damn HAPPY!
it's have to be celebrate! (well, that's why i'm writing this blog)

yeah! it's a happy day for me! because when i get into a bookstore, i rarely buy some books and rather putting their titles on my "wish-list" just because i never have enough money at the time. or if i have enough money, i need that for another bussiness. so it's like a window shopping for me if i "hang-out" in a bookstore. just see if there are a new titles, what's the best seller on that time, or reading and look sadly to the book of i wanted. pathetic!

but if there a discount, oh hell yeah undoubtly i can spend a lot of money for that. of course, it's because a discount promo is a rare event, isn't? and perhaps the items that has a discount may out of stock.

lately i bought a Periplus Map of Philipine only Rp. 10.000,- from its original price around Rp. 123.000,- it's almost 93% discount! ahahaha!

well i don't know if i a victim of commercialism or promotional events or something like that. what i do know is i really like books and rarely buy them (just because of money, argh!). and i really use the discount promo moment to fulfil my desire.

aaaaanyway, i just bought Lonely Planet Story (oh yeah, it's completing my travelling-book collection), Botchan (as my friend's recommendation, Peter Pan & The Shadow Thieves (to support my thesis, yeah don't ask! i'll explain later!), and The Old Man & The Sea (just because i want to begin to know about Ernest Hemingway). and i bought them for only Rp. 145.000,- from its original total price Rp. 190.000,- . yeah!!

and actually i really really want to buy Lonely Planet of Philipine but after 30% discount, it's still waaay too expensive for me. the original price is Rp. 303.000,- and if i bought it, it will be the-most-expensive-book-i've-ever-bought. well, i really have to think it again.

so that's it, i just want to share my happiness for today, for fulfilling my book wish-list. hm, i think i have to make a new wish-list. anyone want to recommend any books?

PS: the 30% discount promo of ALL ITEMS (exclude electronics) will be held until May 31, 2009 on Gramedia Bookstore in Grand Indonesia.

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6 comment(s)

  1. timo ada buku travelling judulnya : ke eropa 6 bulan hanya 1000 Dollar, covernya warna putih, itu buku Indonesia kok, bagussss dehh tentang backpacking keliling Eropa gitu, harganya 50rb belum diskon (gue beli ga pake diskon).. pasti lo suka.. (atau jgn2 lo ud pny). hehehe

    btw sama bgt deh lo, kalo gak ke beskop, ke toko buku, makanya di GI udah ada Gramed tenang lah kitaa.. ya ga sih, dulu pas cuman ada Blitz bingung gt mau ngapain ngeceng2 duit minim tp pgn eksis haha

  2. UDAH PUNYA, IN! ahahahaha...malah udah punya sebelum beli dan baca naked traveler...tapi gue kurang suka tuh yang ke eropa 1000 dolar...terlalu berat di isu-isu dunia daripada pengalaman travelingnya...

    iya bener banget in! kemarin pas festival sinema perancis, gue harus nunggu dua jam untuk nonton, akhirnya gue autis di gramed dan ga kerasa ahahahaha...

  3. ya ud kalo "HONYEMOON WITH MY BROTHER" udah punya blum ? gak pure travelling sih tapi ttg 2 bersaudara patah hati, trus keliling dunia gt buat ngobatin patah hatinya haha, belajar budaya negara lain, pernah di rekomen sama Oprah Winfrey di acaranya.

  4. waaaaaaah gue baru baca resensinya di mbah gugel...sepertinya menariiiiikkkk...kisah nyata yah?? lo udah baca?
    tar beli aaaaaaaaah...

  5. udaaah.. gue punya tuh bukunya.. warnanya ijo2 gitu ada 2 cowok lagi duduk.. seruuu ko.. iya itu kisah nyata.. yg nulis yaa si tokoh utama ituuu..
    katanya sih ada versi ingrisnya, tp gue gak nemu (ya udah dehhh versi indonya aja juga oke) hihi

  6. tamabhan : ini gue bantu link nya kalo mau baca salah satu resensinya :



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