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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

again, it's been so long since my last writing.

i don't know what i have to blame about my laziness to write; either it's my time or my laziness ;p
but still i have to update about my life, for the sake of the record of my blog.

back in Jakarta, i'm already working. yeah! i work as a math teacher in a place for a math course. from 10am until 7pm i teach 4-8 years old kids with a full English, since most of them are Indians and Chinese who study at a National Plus Pre-School.

why did i take this job?

first, i want to maintain my English active skill. to keep speaking English everyday, even to the kids, i hope it will maintain my skill. but then i realize, i'm also can't use some vocabularies since their vocabularies also limited. the result is, i think i made my grammar worse than before. ahahaha!

second, i want to have an experience of working with children. as a person who wants to become a social worker, i realize that it will be a good resume if i have an experience of working with children. in case in the future i will be dealing with street children or learning disabilities children.

third, this place is the only place who allow me to work for them only for five months, until August.

why i work only until August?

i'll explain in the other post.

but let me share about my work.

it's not a class model where the teacher stand up in front of class and teach about math. but in a classroom, there are two U-shape table and the teachers sit right in front of the children. and the children can come at any time so there's no schedule. so one teacher can take care around one to maximum five children at one time.

what do we teach? depends on their age and their level. but mostly it's about addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. when it's subtraction or the higher level, i will refer them to another teacher ahahaha.

so about the material, i have no problem. one, two, three children at one time also not a problem for me. but four and five, or with the strange and even annoying behavior of the children, already made a headache.

and one thing, even my work is only to sit down and teach, but in the end of the day i always feel extremely tired. i realize that to work with children, we even have to give twice energy which they gave. so maybe that's why i feel exhausted in the end of the day.

with a good salary, i try to enjoy my job. at least until August.

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  1. Dear abang Timo. Mnurut gw lo butuh class management techniques. I tried to control my sunday school children with this chart. So i put their names on the board and whenever they behave you give a star next to their name and just add next to it. Whoever get the most get the price :) The price can be simple like a Chocolate bar or a candy bar.. or a sheet of stickers. It is not about the prize.. but about the excitement that they feel among them to compete in behaving. it works. :) try it.

  2. wohoooo that's a good idea, Tasia! thanks!!

    anyway, we will update that chart on every meeting then we count the stars in the of the month, right?


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