The Fourth Decade

Thursday, January 28, 2016

I've got a message from a friend who questioned me, "Is that true that the older you are, the less significant birthday is?" I have to think about it for some moments, then I replied in high confidence, "No it isn't! At least not for me".

I am always being a person who easily celebrate something. Yes I am a person of moment, that is how I called it. For me, a moment always will left mark in our life. Of course, I am talking about moment of significant thing, which will turns our life to another direction - how small the deviation degree is. And it is always worth it to celebrate. Positive moments, definitely. Negative moments, is good to be a remembrance and lesson of life. But birthday? Always! Especially if I am turning into a new decade.

I remember being twenty - ten years ago - it's about a new life, especially college life. My college life in Psychology faculty definitely changed me so much. Further on, that decade - the twenties decade - changed my life upside down. My very first solo-backpacker to Japan when I was 22 years old, and several months later, Taizé for three months. From that moment, it changed me in a way that I never dreamt or expected. I grew a "Taizé spirituality", tasted various of social works in various places, made a trip around Europe (twice!), stayed in Manila for four months, stayed in Glasgow for a year, ultimately I had a new career in film business.

It was the craziest decade so far. Well, hopefully.

Now I am on the beginning of the new decade. The 30s decade, or the fourth decade. Which is I heard - and logically - is more mature, more serious, and includes a life-long commitment either on job or relationship. Is that true? I don't know, but I cannot wait to experience it.

But how do I feel it now? Being thirty years old for the last few days, of course I feel more mature. Haha! But really, I am actually kinda excited to see what will happens in the next ten years. It will be difficult to set me apart from any kind of expectations, since I realize that the older we get then the more tempting we are to have any expectations. Of course, the twenty years old of me didn't experience a lot of things than thirty years old of me, thus it limited of any imagination or expectation. But now, I have seen a lot of things that I possible can and will do. Simply like marriage or do another trip around Europe (this time with Spain and Portugal ;p). But I really try so hard not to put that into an expectation. So maybe let's call it a life vision?

The other thing I feel is, my twenties is kind of laying foundation for our life what it might be. Yes of course, like studying and getting your first job, or even your travelling experiences. All of this experiences really upgrade, not only my skill and experiences, but also my way of thinking. I have skills in psychology major, I also have experiences in film business, then I also have wide experiences of cross-cultural life by all my travel episodes. Of course I learn so much from that. But somehow I feel that my next decade of being thirties is, I will cultivate all those "learning decade" and made something significant to the world. Hahaha I realize I'm not a prophet who can change the world into a better place, just what my lecturer in the university taught us. But at least, getting there along the way is possible.

Yes, my youth idealism is always want to do something significant in my society - whatever I do in my life. Working in a film business of course didn't set me apart from this idealism. I always can bring educative films to my society, which will inspire them to do something good to others. The other thing that I can do is, of course, having an inheritance and keep this legacy of prophetic idealism. Yes, before I die, I want to give a significantly-good legacy to the world I left, so at least the world will be a little better place - better than how I lived it.

Oh dear, I hope I didn't manifested those into expectations by put it into words. But at least, with how I put it into words and live the life in a flexible way, perhaps I can direct it unconsciously to the better life.

Cannot wait to live the fourth decade of my life!

PS: as my first post on my blog was on my 20th birthday, then it marks my blog of being 10 years old. So, happy 10th birthday, Elmo's Avenue!

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