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Thursday, July 09, 2009

dear foolish mo,

you are fool.
because you are too blind to see what happens around you.
because you are too joyful to realize that there is something wrong.
because you are too busy with you own happiness.

you are dumb.
because you do not want to see the problem around you.
because you do not want to realize that there is something wrong beside you.
because you deny that the world is not as beautiful as you see.

you are bad.
because you can not accept your own fault.
because you can not keep your self to not blame another people.
because you can not see that the other people is as innocent as you.

you are pathetic.
because you always feel awful about yourself when you accept your fault.
because you always blame yourself more than you deserve it.
because you always look at yourself really bad more than what you really are.

you are stupid.
because you do not want to admit that you are in trouble.
because you want to keep your self as safe as you can.
because you already know that reality bites and you do not want to experience the same thing.

in a purpose to awake my Shadow-Innocent Archetype
which is i need to describe it on my thesis.
yes it is easier to describe something when you feel it yourself.
but apparently (un)fortunately,
i do this on the right time,
because of what happens on me right now.

as my comprehension, Shadow-Innocent Archetype is when you feel that the world is too beautiful to have some problems. then you deny that you are in trouble.
if once you realize that you are in trouble,
either you begin to blame yourself because you cannot accept that the other people is too good for you (because you trust and depend on them),
or you begin to blame the other people because you feel that they mistreat your trust on them.

*please correct me if i'm wrong ;p

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  1. ahahahahah timooooooooooooooooooooooo gue ga ngerti )))): ahahhahaha bikinin bersi indonya dong mehehehehhehe cape otak gueeeeee hahhaha lagi depresi mo? gyeeheheh


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